These guidelines are tailored for users aiming to integrate distributed energy resources like heat pumps into the Cloud. Our comprehensive knowledge base will walk you through the initiation process, empowering you to efficiently manage and oversee your assets on our platform.

<aside> đź’ˇ Before You Register: Essential Checklist

For device-specific requirements, please read our detailed pre-requisites guide here.

Examples of device manufacturer’s cloud environments: NIBE MyUplink, Mitsubishi MELCloud, Viessmann ViCare, Daikin Onecta etc.


Once you are ready, you can proceed to onboard your device!

  1. Create an account at
  2. Select Add a device
  3. Choose your device manufacturer.
  4. Authenticate your device using the device's account credentials.
  5. Select Add to
  6. Enter your Promo Code that You’ve received from your vendor.
    1. If You don’t have a Promo Code, ask your vendor, such as energy company or installer, for one.
    2. If You are a vendor and don’t have a Promo Code yet, request one at [email protected].
  7. In other cases, choose between Standard and Lite products.
  8. Complete your building information, including: Building name, size, address
  9. Select your electricity contract type:
    1. Fixed Electricity Pricing: This optimizes your heat pump according to weather forecasts.
    2. Variable Electricity Pricing: This optimizes your HVAC system based on weather forecasts and local electricity prices.
  10. Agree on Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  11. Then you’re set!

Once your device is successfully integrated into the Cloud platform, will collect data for 6 hours to ensure optimal building control. The smart heat pump control service will start after that.

If you encounter any issues during the onboarding process, reach out to [email protected] for assistance.